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Dallas TX Location

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One Guy Steak And Chicken 1st Brick and Mortar Franchise

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Chef Kendrick M. Gordon is the head chef de cuisine for OneGuy, LLC, based in Brandon, Mississippi. He is a native of the Mississippi Delta where he first developed his deep passion for the art of fine cuisine.

He began his culinary journey in that rural Mississippi Delta setting by working and studying under numerous talented and experienced cooks and chefs. He has held almost every position available in the restaurant industry throughout his life. He has over twenty-five years of experience progressively learning the art of food science and preparation.

He will soon be completing courses in France at the prestigious “Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy of Paris” later this year. He is constantly striving to improve his knowledge and skill sets in the culinary arts so that he can offer his clients the ultimate experience in healthy and fine dining. Since he is still a young man, he considers his adventures in food preparation to have only just begun. He plans to complete formal training abroad to develop an integrative approach to his overall methodology.

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